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Bushwackers to host Pink Ribbon Rodeo on Friday, October 6. Benefitting Project Pink'd, this event will feature Christy Owens & Tami Hall on one stage for one night only. Visit for more information.

The charity they chose to support by donating the couch along with pictures is Project Pink'd, a volunteer organization that supports breast cancer patients.

More than 600 guests, including breast cancer survivors and supporters, joined forces with ONE VO1CE and set a new record, raising over $250,000.

A local woman is now battling breast cancer for the second time. That same woman has been helping others fight breast cancer for quite some time.

This month's Jefferson Award winner is a cancer survivor who founded a local non-profit organization called Project Pink'd.

Meet Project Pink'd Board of Directors Vice President, David Sturgeon
Meet Project Pink'd Board of Directors Vice President, David Sturgeon

It's Personal at Project Pink'd....
Our volunteer-powered organization thrives on the generosity of volunteers focused on improving the quality of life for not only survivors, but our community.

Meet David Sturgeon, Board of Directors Vice President
"I’m a new member of the Project Pink’d Board of Directors, but not a new member of the Pink’d team. I’ve been a participant/volunteer, supporter, donor and fan since the organization’s inception. I came to the organization originally as the supportive spouse of the founder. Being married to Cynthia Sturgeon for over 20 years has led me to many adventures I never dreamed would be part of my world. But when breast cancer rocked our plans for retirement, it became an “all hands on deck” effort to fight back.

Cynthia and I learned and grew from our cancer experiences and Cynthia began an immediate search for steps to take which leveraged our learnings to help others through the fight we’d already experienced. Cynthia has a passion for learning, organizing, networking, and making a difference. Competitive to a fault, she needed to punch back in this fight. I was happy to hold her coat and provide encouragement.

Until recently, I saw my role as a strictly supportive. She had or grew the skills she needed to build and grow the organization she envisioned to assist others. She didn’t need my help in organizational leadership. Now that our situation has changed again with her re-diagnosis it became time for me to move from the background to a more direct role in the current work and future of Project Pink’d.

Maybe there would be times where she couldn’t be there or be strong enough to get things done the way she wanted. Maybe she wouldn’t be there anymore at all, then what would happen with Pink’d? These are worries she didn’t need to be concerned with, but without more direct involvement I wouldn’t be positioned to step in and help.

So I’m here offering my 38 years of business experience working for Union Pacific and BNSF Railway, hoping I can make a difference the way Cynthia has. As a native Nebraskan who appreciates immensely the way the community rallied around Cynthia in her cancer fight and in supporting her work in Pink’d, I’m honored to be accepted on the board. One thing for certain, I won’t let her or Project Pink’d down."

One $30,000 Donation. Hundreds of Survivors Lives Impacted.
One $30,000 Donation. Hundreds of Survivors Lives Impacted.

On that beautiful Sunday, June 25, the Pink’d Ribbon Golf Tournament kicked-off with an emotional moment, President and Co-Founder of Onestaff Medical, Todd Livingston, placed a pink ribbon on the tribute wall with his mom’s name on it. It was a reminder that it wasn’t just a day of golf, it was a day of remembrance, support and honor.

Todd Livingston lost his mom to breast cancer over 2 years ago. Now, as part of his healing process, he’s giving back and giving hope in her honor.

A true example of a company with a pay-it-forward culture, Onestaff Medical embraced the Project Pink’d mission by hosting the Pink’d Ribbon Open Golf Tournament on June 25.  Onestaff Medical engaged their employees, customers, business partners, survivors and the community and together, they raised $30,000 for Project Pink’d.  “Onestaff Medical is honored and privileged to have such a great partnership with Project Pink’d. Knowing that we have the ability and desire to impact so many lives within our community-it was a great honor presenting Project Pink’d with the proceeds from the 2017 Pink’d Ribbon Open. Thank you goes out to all that participated making the outing a HUGE success,” stated Todd Livingston, President/Co-Founder, Onestaff Medical.

On Monday, July 10, Onestaff Medical presented Project Pink’d with a check for $30,000 .

 “Todd Livingston and Onestaff Medical far exceeded any and all expectations for the generosity shown in raising $30,000 through the Pink’d Ribbon Open. To say that we are humbled and honored to be the beneficiary of such a great event is an understatement. Thank you to Todd, his family, and the Onestaff Medical team for their dedication, generosity and commitment to helping survivors thrive in the community. The monies received will help hundreds of survivors in our community,” said Cynthia Sturgeon, Project Pink’d Founder & President.

Project Pink'd Invites Breast Cancer Survivors to "Find Your Inner Goddess"
Project Pink'd Invites Breast Cancer Survivors to "Find Your Inner Goddess"

Project Pink’d is pleased to continue their summer yoga series “Love & Light Yoga.” This complimentary program hopes to introduce survivors to a few different types of practices that will suit each individual’s mood and spark a journey towards healing. The summer program will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM and participants may sign-up for as many classes as they would like. The program runs through August 30, 2017.

The classes are structured for beginners but all levels are welcome. Classes are held at YogaMed, 11915 Pierce Plaza, Omaha, NE and taught by certified RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Tonya Baker. Participants are to sign-in at class and are encouraged to bring their own mat; however, mats and other props will be provided if needed. Each class is limited to 15 people and are made possible by the many generous donors of Project Pink’d.

Volunteers with Project Pink’d, an Omaha-based nonprofit dedicated to helping cancer patients, assembled and delivered 250 chemotherapy, surgical and radiation kits on June 5 to Nebraska and western Iowa hospitals and medical centers.

Project Pink'd Healing Hearts volunteers were featured as Picture of the Day on The Morning Blend.

Project Pink'd to Offer Free Lymphedema Program to Breast Cancer Survivors
Project Pink'd to Offer Free Lymphedema Program to Breast Cancer Survivors

Lymphedema is a chronic disease caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system and results in disfiguring swelling in one or more parts of the body. Due to the rising costs of healthcare and/or the lack of coverage for Medicare patients, Project Pink’d has seen an increase in demand for assistance in the management of this disease and is pleased to announce the launch of their new Lymphedema Program. 

According to Cynthia Sturgeon, Founder & President of Project Pink’d, “As a result of breast cancer treatment, many breast cancer survivors are faced with lymphedema as a life-long disease which can cause limited mobility, pain, and even infection. We are excited to offer a well-rounded program that provides education, support and tools to manage the disease and empower women to live their best life in spite of lymphedema.”

The Lymphedema Program is intended to be comprehensive and approach the disease from many facets and is open to all breast cancer survivors in the hope that the tools provided can also minimize the risk of developing the disease. Program elements include Helping Hands Grant Funds to assist the under/un-insured breast cancer survivor receive the necessary treatment that is customized for them, Bi-Annual Educational & Experiential Workshops which will provide education, support and tools to manage the disease and Weekly Movement Classes (Lebed Method & Tai-Chi). Classes are led by Lori Buckley, OTR/L-Certified Occupational Therapist and offered outside of a “clinical” setting. 

The first Bi-Annual Workshop will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 1:00pm-5:00 pm|Natural Therapy, 1219 Leavenworth, Omaha, NE  68102. There are still a few spots available and those interested may register online at

Project Pink’d ( is proud to announce American National Bank as the Presenting Sponsor for their upcoming EXPOSED Annual Benefit. The second year as Presenting Sponsor of the event, American National Bank has joined forces with the organization in an effort to help support breast cancer survivors in our local community.

Project Pink'd celebrated National Cancer Survivor's day Sunday by giving back to Breast Cancer survivors. Volunteers, many of whom are also survivors, put together 250 care packages for women going through Breast Cancer treatment. 

An Omaha-based non-profit organization celebrated National Cancer Survivors Day Sunday. Project Pink’d gave back to breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa. Volunteers, many of whom are survivors themselves, gathered to assemble 250 chemotherapy, surgical and radiation Kits.

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Survivors support survivors in our community and it makes us smile! Kelly Konen shared this special photo with WOWT 6 News. It's personal at Project Pink'd where breast cancer survivors know how to give back. Together, they hand wrote 250 notes to recipients of their Healing Hearts Radiation, Surgical & Chemo kits.
If you want to learn more you can visit

Leader in the Spotlight-Cynthia Sturgeon
Leader in the Spotlight-Cynthia Sturgeon

Our Most Inspiring Volunteer. Our Most Inspiring Leader. Our Most Inspiring Hero.

Meet Cynthia Sturgeon, Founder of Project Pink'd and Board of Directors President

When the spotlight searches to illuminate Cynthia, it must expand and divide to cover the many interests she has, people she cares for and the special person she strives to be. A self-made, up by the bootstraps, college educated business professional from humble, Christian beginnings, she is a life-long learner. Cynthia embraced education as a step up in life, she made VP at WEST before the age of 40.

She continues to seek and embrace challenges and learning every day in everything she does. So it is, and was, with founding and driving Project Pink’d. When breast cancer was discovered on her 40th birthday, it redirected her focus to understanding the challenges it presents so she could make the right choices for her and her family. Never a victim, always a fighter she researched and planned with doctors, nurses, and family and settled on a plan to treat her version of the disease. Discovering and learning about the ins and outs of treatment and side effects, she developed a passion to help others more easily navigate through the experiences she had endured. Her eyes were opened to the challenges faced by survivors that no one seemed to be addressing.

Cynthia founded Project Pink’d as a vehicle to close the gaps she saw in support that people face with the onset of breast cancer. She remains involved because she believes there’s more to do and more to learn about how to help others thrive beyond a cancer diagnosis. The programs Project Pink’d employs each address issues she and her team either experienced personally or uncovered while embracing and helping those impacted by breast cancer and the side-effects of treatment.

Cynthia is a strong Christian woman, who loves her family, REALLY loves her dog and is fueled by the learnings acquired by thriving every day.

American National Bank Named Presenting Sponsor of Project Pink'd EXPOSED VO1CE 8th Annual Benefit
American National Bank Named Presenting Sponsor of Project Pink'd EXPOSED VO1CE 8th Annual Benefit

Project Pink’d is proud to announce, American National Bank as the Presenting Sponsor for their upcoming EXPOSED Annual Benefit. The second year as Presenting Sponsor of the event,  American National Bank has joined forces with the organization in an effort to help support breast cancer survivors in our local community.

“We are elated to, once again, have American National Bank as the Presenting Sponsor of the 2017 EXPOSED Annual Benefit. Their support has been consistent and they have made the gracious choice to grow with us. American National Bank not only made the decision to financially support Project Pink'd and the breast cancer survivors in our community, but they proudly volunteer their time and talents throughout the year. Guests will see their bright and friendly faces when they check-in at the benefit. We are honored to accept their generous support and are proud to partner with them in our efforts to support the survivors in the communities we serve,” said Cynthia Sturgeon, Project Pink’d Founder & President. 

The Project Pink'd EXPOSED:VO1CE 8th Annual Benefit, will be held at the Hilton Downtown Omaha Grand Ballroom on Friday, August 18.

Supporters and survivors are invited to this magical celebration of hope, inspiration and survivorship as Project Pink’d honors those diagnosed with breast cancer. Guests will enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, Gift of Hope Program, Silent and Live Auction, Breast Cancer Survivor Ceremony and the most anticipated moment of the evening, the revealing of thriving survivors like you’ve never seen before. Embracing their What’s Raised Here Stays Here philosophy, all proceeds from the evening will directly benefit survivors in NE and Western IA. Tickets are now on sale at

“American National Bank is proud to serve as the Presenting Sponsor for the Project Pink’d event again this year. The partnership between our organization and Project Pink’d continues to grow and we are honored to help support their mission of supporting the many women and men affected by the disease financially, emotionally and physically. Many of our employees look forward to volunteering their time each year in support of the event at the Bank/Guest Check-In. explained Wende Kotouc- Executive Co-Chairman, American National Bank.

Project Pink'd Dare to Thrive Renewal Retreat highlighted as Thursday's Picture of the Week on KMTV The Morning Blend Omaha.

Project Pink'd to Host Nutrition Program for Breast Cancer Survivors
Project Pink'd to Host Nutrition Program for Breast Cancer Survivors

A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Throw in the mix conflicting information on what to do and not do regarding nutrition, and it can be even more stressful to survivors trying to heal. Project Pink’d, an Omaha-based nonprofit, Whole Foods Market and founder of the Methodist Oncology Nutrition Program will join forces, bring 20 survivors together during their upcoming survivor program, The Chef’s Table. This Project Pink'd program is complimentary to breast cancer survivors and will be held at Whole Foods Market Omaha on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 from 6pm-8pm.

There is nothing more fun than a night out with the girls, great food and someone else to do the dishes-especially when you are a breast cancer survivor. The Chef's Table program will feature nutrition experts who will dispel the myths of nutrition and cancer and stir up something tasty during their cooking demo. At the conclusion of this program, each participant will be provided all of the ingredients needed to make the recipe demonstrated and tasted so they can make it at home.

“Project Pink'd continues to listen to our community of survivors, and nutrition is a struggle for many. Nutrition is important for good health and learning how we can fuel our bodies in a healthy way before, during and after cancer treatment is vital to our quality of life. Every day cancer survivors are flooded with new information and some of it is fact and some is fiction. By working with local experts in our community, it is our hope survivors will gain the knowledge and tools to support a healthy life,” explained Cynthia Sturgeon, Project Pink’d Founder and President.

Space is limited. Survivors can register for the event at

A breast cancer diagnosis changes your life and it can be overwhelming. After treatment, many survivors find themselves asking “What Now?” They feel stuck and unable to move forward. Through an upcoming three-day retreat, Project Pink’d, an Omaha-based nonprofit, aims to once again restore the minds, bodies and spirits of 19 breast cancer survivors.

Project Pink’d will host the 4th Annual Project Pink’d Renewal Retreat at the Magnolia Hotel, April 28 to 30. The program leans on bite-sized tools, one-on-one support and a strong community network as a catalyst for addressing everyday life issues that survivors experience after treatment. We help women recognize how cancer has impacted their mind, body and spirit-and how it can lead them towards creating a thriving and purposeful future. 

"We often hear from survivors that they feel lost and alone after treatment. These women are taking a bold and brave step toward their future. With intention, they are making the choice to move forward in spite of their diagnosis and the challenges that come with it. Each of them is making a daring decision to thrive and I could not be more proud of them. It’s wonderful to see these courageous women walk away from the retreat experience with a renewed sense of hope and possibilities for their future," said Project Pink’d President and Founder, Cynthia Sturgeon. 

Among other activities, Renewal Retreat participants will take part in a photo shoot that will challenge them to be bolder, braver and even more beautiful in the face of their fear. In the process, they build positive experiences out of some of the same emotions of uncertainty they are faced with while battling breast cancer. Their VO1CE will make a difference, as the reveal of nineteen thriving survivors will take place August 18 at the Project Pink’d 2017 EXPOSED: VO1CE 8th Annual Benefit. 

While the 2017 Renewal Retreat is currently full, Project Pink’d plans to host numerous events throughout the year with a primary focus on emotional and physical well-being of survivors. Due to the generous support from our community sponsors and benefactors, all Project Pink’d programs, including the retreat, are available at no cost to participants.

Project Pink’d’s mission is to improve the everyday quality of life of individual breast cancer survivors, providing support for survivors’ emotional, physical and financial well-being. The organization serves breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Lincoln Fire Fighters Association Local 644 Donates $4700 to Project Pink'd
Lincoln Fire Fighters Association Local 644 Donates $4700 to Project Pink'd

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Lincoln Fire Fighters Association Local 644 presented a check in the amount of $4,700 to Project Pink'd volunteer and VP of Grants, Jil Colbourn. The monies raised were a result of their t-shirt fundraising event held last October in an effort to raise awareness on the impact breast cancer has on so many loved ones.

Community partnerships such as this are a vital part of Project Pink'd as all the money raised here stays in our community to support programs which help survivors thrive throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa. In addition to this campaign, the Lincoln Fire Fighters Association Local 644 is working on partnering with Project Pink'd on several additional initiatives throughout the year.

Omaha Lancers Hockey Organization Donates Over $4900 to Project Pink'd
Omaha Lancers Hockey Organization Donates Over $4900 to Project Pink'd

On February 18, 2017, the Omaha Lancers held their "Pink in the Rink" event with proceeds going to Project Pink'd.  A check for over $4,900 was presented to Project Pink'd volunteers on March 29, 2017, which will greatly impact the lives of survivors.

With the help of local partnerships, the money raised here is used to fund programs to enrich the lives of survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa. Events such as this enables Project Pink'd to be visible to the community and to let them know they are here to help.

Project Pink'd Founder & President, Cynthia Sturgeon and One Staff Medical's, Todd Livingston, talk about the upcoming Pink'd Ribbon Open. Hear Todd's story about his personal connection to breast cancer and how he and his company are helping survivors in our local community by hosting a golf tournament, with proceeds benefiting Project Pink'd.

I've Been Pink'd
I've Been Pink'd

Saturdays in the showrooms were filled with the hustle and bustle of Pink’d this past October. Thriving volunteers (and co-survivors) proudly took “I’ve Been Pink’d” pictures with employees and new car owners and thanked the community for supporting survivors, just like them.

Superior Honda and Acura of Omaha graciously donated $50 to Project Pink’d, Inc. for every new and used vehicle sold at their dealerships. The 4th year for this community partnership, Project Pink’d is grateful for the ongoing support of our mission and the many survivors their generosity impacts.

On December 1, Project Pink’d volunteers gathered at both dealerships to accept checks totaling over $12,000 from the I’ve Been Pink’d initiative. The donation will be used to support the many programs Project Pink’d provides to survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa.

“As a Pink'd volunteer, it is always a highlight to spend a few hours on a Saturday in October at either one of these dealerships. Whether it's volunteering on a Saturday or participating in the check presentation, witnessing the generosity and dedication Superior Honda and Acura of Omaha has shown to Project Pink’d is by far one of my favorite traditions. Leaving that evening, with checks in hand, a resounding "See you next year!" could be heard from employees, which was music to our ears,” exclaimed Debbie Poss, Project Pink’d Thriver and Volunteer.

Project Pink'd Hosts Care to Share Thanksgiving
Project Pink'd Hosts Care to Share Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, that time of year when we express our gratitude for all the blessings we have received. For 51 breast cancer survivors who participated our new program, Care to Share Thanksgiving, that day of gratitude came early. Whether fighting the battle physically, financially, or as many breast cancer survivors do, emotionally, getting through the season of thanksgiving can be a real challenge.

Upon arriving, the guests received a warm welcome and were served a delicious meal by volunteers of Project Pink’d. The food was catered by Whole Foods and prepared by the hospital staff at the Nebraska Medicine Bellevue facility. The two-hour luncheon was interspersed with fun games and inspiring stories from fellow breast cancer survivors who shared a clear message-no matter where they are on their journey, there is always something to be grateful for. What began with the look of uncertainty on many faces soon evolved into the realization that we are all in this together and do not have to travel the journey alone.

The program concluded with our very own Oprah, Project Pink’d Founder and President, Cynthia Sturgeon presenting each guest with a copy of her favorite thing, “The Next Chapter”-a book filled with encouraging stories and beautiful photos of our newly crowned ambassadors. Other Pink’d items were also handed out as a heartwarming reminder to survivors that Project Pink’d is always there for them. And finally, thanks to our wonderful donors, each attendee received a box filled with a complete Thanksgiving meal to take home and share with their families, which will require minimal preparation on their part.

The smiles and hugs shared as the boxes were loaded into their vehicles was testament that a unity of sisterhood was formed and each guest left with tools to ensure their Thanksgiving will be filled with reasons to be thankful.

Survivor and Care to Share Thanksgiving recipient, Michelle K. expressed her gratitude, “Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that you honored us with yesterday. The food was delicious, but more importantly the aura of hope that filled the room was amazing. It is so helpful and inspirational to hear other women' s stories of courage and strength. Thank you also for the Whole Foods box. It will help me out a great deal as I am hosting Thanksgiving. I am at 15 of 33 radiation treatments and hope to be a contributing survivor to your organization very soon.”

Hundreds of people showed up to support the Omaha Lancers this evening while also wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness. All proceeds from the event will benefit both Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center and Project Pink'd. 

The Omaha Lancers will host Pink in the Rink this Saturday. A portion of the evenings proceeds to benefit Project Pink'd.

The Project Pink'd volunteer elves were busy today prepping special Gifts of Hope for our upcoming 'Tis the Season for Delivering Hope

'Tis the season for helping others and a group of firefighters in Omaha did just that. The Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association presented a generous check of $12,500 Project Pink'd Wednesday.

The Omaha Professional Firefighters Association presented a check of $12,500 to help local breast cancer programs on Wednesday.

In the battle against breast cancer, learning how to thrive and not just survive is an important step. For Penny Thomas of Council Bluffs, the route to thriving began this spring at a retreat sponsored by Project Pink’d. On Sunday, Thomas talked about how she became a member of the “sisterhood that gives us power” in an exhausting battle.

As part of Cancer Awareness Month the North Bend Central cheer and dance squad invite local breast cancer survivors and family members affected by breast cancer to the Oct. 21 football game at 7 p.m. where they will be recognized and honored. Project Pink’d will be hosting an informational booth that evening.

For every test drive at Diers Ford, Ford Motor Company donated $20 to Project Pink'd.

Join Project Pink’d and the Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Union, Local 385 as they Light It Up Pink’d in honor and celebration of those diagnosed with breast cancer.

A local organization called "Project Pink'd" is trying something different this year to raise awareness for breast cancer. Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association suggested the fundraiser idea to the group. They've sold about 2,000 light bulbs so far.

Lisa Tyler fought two battles simultaneously; breast cancer and quality of life. Here Lisa's story and how the Local IAFF #385 and Project PInk'd are making a difference this October and how YOU can join us in lighting up Project Pink'd.

Help IAF Local 385 light our city up Pink in the month of October. Here how our partnership is helping breast cancer survivors in our community.

Local businesses and organizations hold fundraisers to give back to the community. "The Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 385, is launching an initiative with Project Pink’d, a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting the mind, body and spirit of those diagnosed with breast cancer."

Sixteen images of hope: one magical evening with one goal: helping survivors thrive! Project Pink'd's EXPOSED Benefit is coming up Thursday, August 25th with the reveal of photographs of more than a dozen survivors who are daring to thrive! We'll find out more about the event and the mission of Project Pink'd!

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