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Our Mission:  From the moment of diagnosis through end of life, Project Pink’d, Inc. provides tools, resources and a strong network to strengthen and renew the mind, body and spirit of breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa.  Learn more and get involved.

Project Pink’d Founder & President, Cynthia Sturgeon, was re-diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer 5 years ago. Despite her diagnosis, she has continued to be at the forefront of Project Pink’d, Inc., providing leadership, inspiration, compassion and encouragement to thousands of survivors in our Nebraska and Western Iowa communities. A hero to many, Cynthia’s next challenge is one she is willing to face head on, for herself personally and in support of Project Pink’d and the many survivors who will follow in her footsteps.

“The reality is like many others, I am living with metastatic breast cancer. There is no cure or remission for me. Each day I wake up and my feet hit the floor and I am thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to embrace the day, in whatever capacity I can, to love, be loved and serve others,” stated Cynthia.

A former avid walker, Cynthia has set a personal challenge for herself in support of Project Pink’d during Omaha Gives! this year. On Wednesday, May 20, Cynthia will walk 5 consecutive miles, one mile for each year she has not been able to. For some, that goal may seem easily achievable, but for Cynthia, who has not been able to walk more than 1.5 miles since being re-diagnosed, it’s a challenge she is willing to conquer.

Cynthia stated, “With each step, I will be thinking of the burden each survivor carries and honor the memory of those we have lost to the disease.”

Serving over 4,400 breast cancer survivors in 2019, the funds raised for Project Pink’d during Omaha Gives! will provide Project Pink’d the opportunity to impact even more survivors with much needed financial assistance, complimentary survivorship programs and Healing Hearts Survivor Kits which addressing each modality of treatment.

Project Pink'd, Inc., announces Sean Figy, M.D., Assistant Professor, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, University of Nebraska Medical Center, as their next Straight Talk series guest expert. Covering the topic of Surgical Lymphedema: Exploring Cutting Edge Therapies, this Live Webcast will be held on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 7pm-8pm.

A few months ago, Omaha's Newsleader had a guest in studio asking you to buy socks. Turns out, a lot of you did. It was a fundraiser for Project Pink'd -- started by a woman named Maggie. She says Project Pink'd helped her see the light at the end of the tunnel when she was battling breast cancer.

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