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KETV Newswatch 7 covers Project Pink'd June 2024 Healing Hearts Kit Assembly.

Project Pink'd Announces Jovan Johnson to Board of Directors

Nearly 100 breast cancer survivors attended the first-ever intimacy conference hosted by Project Pink'd on Saturday.

Project Pink'd is a local organization that focuses on survivorship and what's beyond a breast cancer diagnosis.

Project Pink'd is a local organization that offers emotional support and financial support to women going through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

They say the holidays can be challenging for some, so they gathered today for fellowship and inspiration.

Over 170 breast cancer survivors gathered in both Lincoln and Ralston to share a Thanksgiving meal on Sunday.

Project Pink’d, an organization that helps people with breast cancer, brought everyone together to share their stories and give thanks.

At Project Pink'd Care to Share Thanksgiving, survivors gathered to give thanks with new friends.

Project Pink'd is hosting their 7th annual 'Care to Share Thanksgiving event' where breast cancer survivors throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa are coming together to give thanks and connect with one another.

Over $500,000 raised at the Project Pink'd EXPOSED: It's Personal Annual Benefit on Friday, August 11, 2023. Brian Mastre from WOWT 6 News has highlights.

A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but a local nonprofit is making sure survivors don't go through their battle alone. On Saturday, Project Pink’d assembled all the things the survivors will need to make their treatment a little more comfortable.

Project Pink'd Announces Lori Buckley to Board of Directors

Project Pink'd Announces Kelly Konen to Board of Directors

Project Pink'd delivered over 250 Thanksgiving meals to breast cancer survivors on Sunday, 11/20/2022 in Lincoln, Omaha, Council Bluffs and across Nebraska and Western Iowa.

On Sunday, November 13, 2022, nearly 150 survivors attended the Project Pink’d annual Care to Share Thanksgiving event at The Post Event Center in Ralston, NE. 

On Saturday, November 5th volunteers gathered at a local church in Gretna to assemble Healing Hearts Kits to deliver across Nebraska and Western IA.

Project Pink’d will host their final complimentary live Bold & Brave Conversations webcast, Grief, Bereavement & Spirituality on Thursday, October 27 at 7pm via Zoom. Survivors, caregivers, and loved ones are welcome to register at

Project Pink'd announces Jennifer Williams to Board of Directors

Project Pink'd, a local non-profit, recently announced Lisa Ferrer to the Board of Directors.

Survivors helping survivors through Healing Hearts Kits.

On Sunday, over 100 volunteers delivered Thanksgiving meals to almost 300 breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Volunteers with Omaha non-profit Project Pink'd deliver 300 meals to breast cancer survivors leading up to Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, November 21, over 100 Project Pink’d volunteers will pick-up and porch deliver almost 300 complimentary Thanksgiving Meals to breast cancer survivors throughout the state of Nebraska and in Western Iowa. The complimentary meals for four are carefully pre-cooked and packaged frozen for survivors to share in the comfort of their homes on Thanksgiving Day; all they need to do is simply reheat the meal and enjoy.   

On November 13, over 70 Project Pink’d volunteer's porch delivered over 210 complimentary Sweet Treats to Care to Share Thanksgiving participants. Sweet Treats were mailed to those living outside of the Omaha and Lincoln markets. Participating survivors were encouraged to cozy up with their complimentary delicious, sweet treat and a warm beverage and tune into virtual Care to Share Thanksgiving program on Sunday, November 14. The program provided survivors the opportunity to connect with other survivors, hear inspirational stories from survivors who are now thriving and have some fun. 

Breast cancer survivors encouraged each other in the Care to Share Thanksgiving program hosted by Project Pink'd on Sunday. The event was emceed by Mary Nelson, 3 News Now anchor. Survivors like Maya Wittmaack, LaVonne Rosenthal and Kellyn Daly sought solace through the organization.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the California-based John Wayne Cancer Foundation funded a program to increase breast cancer research and awareness in Latina women from the Omaha metro area.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close as No Shave November begins. In one Nebraska community, they've combined the two to keep a good thing growing.

This week’s show featured Kelly Konen and Stephanie Nichols with Project Pink’d discussing breast cancer awareness and resources with Scott Voorhees.

Being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer or having your disease progress to this point can be emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining. At Project Pink'd, we understand having open and honest conversations regarding healthcare, treatment, and future planning may be a daunting task for many survivors and their families. 

A complimentary 12-month live webcast series featuring a multidisciplinary team of expert panelists, will provide breast cancer survivors, their caregivers and loved ones, the guidance they deserve, the answers they need and the direction to get them started. 

Featured Conversation Starters Include: Diagnosis | A Partner’s Perspective | Planning for Disease Progression | Quality of Life | Palliative Care | Planning for End of Life (Advance Directives, Financials, Personal) | Survivor Management |Caregiver Management | Grief | Spirituality   

Our complimentary live webcast series will be held the last Thursday of each month (excluding November) via Zoom for survivors, caregivers, and loved ones. Each session will last between 1-1.5 hours. Those interested may register for as many sessions as you they would like to attend at 

This complimentary program is available to breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa and is made possible by the many generous donors and supporters. 

F3Omaha PAX Escobar and Skidz had the honor of sitting down with Project Pink'd Founder & Thriver, Cynthia Sturgeon.

Project Pink'd Marketing Communications Director and 2X Thriver, Kelly Konen and Project Pink'd Executive Advisory Council Member and 3X Thriver, Stephanie Nichols sit down with Neil Nelkin to share their personal stories and the many ways Project Pink'd makes a difference in the community.

During the month of October, dozens of organizations have rallied around the Project Pink'd mission, hosting a variety of fundraising activities to support the survivors they serve. F3Omaha has taken a unique approach, creating a friendly competition between various workout sites. Their efforts have prompted Project Pink'd to launch TEAM UP. Fundraising for champions, this initiative allows for co-workers, teammates, family members or school rivals to compete and make a big difference in the community. 

A magical celebration of hope, inspiration and survivorship, Project Pink’d rolled out the Pink’d carpet and once again broke records at their EXPOSED: It’s Personal 12th Annual Benefit on Friday. Held at the Embassy Suites La Vista, breast cancer survivors and supporters joined forces raising $550,000 in just a few hours.

It's Personal
Nebraska’s non-profit Project Pink’d is coming off its biggest fundraiser ever as the founder prepares for the next chapter.
WOWT's Brian Mastre, shares her story.

Simply put, it feels good to give back.

Doing good, whether it’s sharing treasure, time or kindness, gives the receiver a warm hug of caring and you a sense of joy that comes with helping others. Whether you choose to support large, medium or small nonprofits, or the neighbor down the street, what you do lifts up someone’s parent, sibling, a veteran, another human being.

Project Pink'd, Inc. is one of over 350 local non-profits participating in SHARE Omaha on December 1.

The holiday season looks to be a difficult time for all of us due to the pandemic, but that’s not stopping one area non-profit from doing what they can to make the holidays a little brighter for those fighting cancer. For this Thanksgiving, Project Pink’d and nearly 100 volunteers porch delivered pre-cooked dinners --- turkey breast with all the trimmings --- to 235 breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and western Iowa.

The holidays can be a challenging time for breast cancer survivors. For Project Pink’d, an Omaha-based non-profit, providing breast cancer survivors an opportunity to connect with other survivors and give thanks for their many blessings at their annual Care to Share Thanksgiving event has been a long-standing tradition. Although unable to join together physically this year, Project Pink’d was fully committed to continuing their Care to Share Thanksgiving tradition with the breast cancer survivor community. 

For Cassie, a 16 year breast cancer survivor, having her Pretty in Patina team host a fundraiser for Project Pink'd during the month of October is PERSONAL.

"I went through Breast Cancer over 16 years ago in Oklahoma, removed from family and familiarity. We did not have an organization like Project Pink'd where I was, or at least I was never informed of one. I found it very difficult to find solace in those who had not been through cancer, and as I struggled so did my marriage, until it ended. As a woman, breast cancer had a profound effect on me and I was unfortunately not given the support system that I believe to be essential for many of us. I always longed for a safe place to express myself without judgement. This is not a sad story though, I found my strength exactly where I was supposed to on my journey.

I found out about Project Pink'd through social media. I had moved back to Nebraska after cancer and was looking to meet some ladies who had been through a similar experience to me. I went to a free Yoga class and loved it. There's something beautiful about being surrounded by those like you, it removes the insecurities we feel after cancer, especially breast cancer.

My advice to anyone just beginning this journey is to grab ahold of those who have walked before you. As someone who struggled for many years to gain my self love and self confidence back, trust this: there is NO NEED to go through this alone. We have been there, maybe not in your exact spot, but we have been there. The doubt, the fear, the trying to keep a brave face, all of it. The biggest lesson I learned through cancer was that I did not need to go it alone. There is no need to be the strongest person in the room anymore, and it does not make us any weaker to need and want help. Family and friends are essential for recovery but a group of women who know exactly what you're feeling and thinking, now that is a recipe for success!

It’s important for Pretty in Patina to support a local organization in our area. As we are a company that understands the immediate and long term effects of breast cancer we are so grateful that Project Pinkd is working to help women through all stages of their journey. As we work to help women feel beautiful on the outside, we understand and value to work that must be done on the inside as well. We thank Project Pinkd for what they do to help survivors find their strength and beauty all over again!"

From day of diagnosis and beyond, a survivorship care plan is a key factor in a breast cancer survivors’ journey to thriving. Project Pink’d, an Omaha-based non-profit, continues to address the REAL issues survivors face after a diagnosis and is set to virtually host a complimentary survivorship program, Let’s Talk Surveillance on Thursday, October 15.

A complimentary event for breast cancer survivors, the upcoming live panel discussion will provide a safe place for interactive conversation with 4 distinguished expert panelists. Survivors will be empowered to ask the REAL questions regarding their survivorship care plan, educated on ways to enhance their partnership with their medical team and encouraged to become their best advocate.

Participants will be provided the opportunity to ask their questions during a 45 minute large group conversation and Q&A and a 45 minute small group break-out session and Q&A.

The Let’s Talk Surveillance survivorship program will be held via Zoom from 7pm-8:30pm on Thursday, October 15. Registration is required at

Meet Our Expert Panel:

Patti Higginbotham, ANP, AOCN | Genetics, Nurse Practitioner | Omaha Surgical Consultants

John Longo, MD | Radiation Oncology | Nebraska Cancer Specialists

Geetha Palaniappan, MD | Oncologist | Nebraska Cancer Specialists

Roalene J. Redland, MD | Surgeon |Omaha Surgical Consultants

This complimentary program is available to breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa and is made possible by the many generous donors and supporters.

Maggie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, but that didn't stop her from making a difference. Since 2016, her SOCKtober fundrasing campaigns have raised thousands of dollars for Project Pink'd, making a big impact on breast cancer survivors right here in our local communities. Hear why giving back to Project Pink'd is personal for Maggie.

Like many families and industries, non-profits have been struggling during COVID-19. It’s not easy asking for money, while many are worrying about their own dollars. How do you hold a big fundraising gala when events like that haven’t happened for months? One way to keep donors close even in an age of social distancing -- host the event on zoom. Saturday night, more than 300 people fired up their laptops and cameras and joined Project Pink'd online, an Omaha organization helping breast cancer survivors for more than a decade.

Project Pink’d Founder & President, Cynthia Sturgeon, was re-diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer 5 years ago. Despite her diagnosis, she has continued to be at the forefront of Project Pink’d, Inc., providing leadership, inspiration, compassion and encouragement to thousands of survivors in our Nebraska and Western Iowa communities. A hero to many, Cynthia’s next challenge is one she is willing to face head on, for herself personally and in support of Project Pink’d and the many survivors who will follow in her footsteps.

“The reality is like many others, I am living with metastatic breast cancer. There is no cure or remission for me. Each day I wake up and my feet hit the floor and I am thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to embrace the day, in whatever capacity I can, to love, be loved and serve others,” stated Cynthia.

A former avid walker, Cynthia has set a personal challenge for herself in support of Project Pink’d during Omaha Gives! this year. On Wednesday, May 20, Cynthia will walk 5 consecutive miles, one mile for each year she has not been able to. For some, that goal may seem easily achievable, but for Cynthia, who has not been able to walk more than 1.5 miles since being re-diagnosed, it’s a challenge she is willing to conquer.

Cynthia stated, “With each step, I will be thinking of the burden each survivor carries and honor the memory of those we have lost to the disease.”

Serving over 4,400 breast cancer survivors in 2019, the funds raised for Project Pink’d during Omaha Gives! will provide Project Pink’d the opportunity to impact even more survivors with much needed financial assistance, complimentary survivorship programs and Healing Hearts Survivor Kits which addressing each modality of treatment.

Project Pink'd, Inc., announces Sean Figy, M.D., Assistant Professor, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, University of Nebraska Medical Center, as their next Straight Talk series guest expert. Covering the topic of Surgical Lymphedema: Exploring Cutting Edge Therapies, this Live Webcast will be held on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 7pm-8pm.

A few months ago, Omaha's Newsleader had a guest in studio asking you to buy socks. Turns out, a lot of you did. It was a fundraiser for Project Pink'd -- started by a woman named Maggie. She says Project Pink'd helped her see the light at the end of the tunnel when she was battling breast cancer.

Project Pink’d, an Omaha-based non-profit, continues to address the REAL issues survivors face after a diagnosis and is set to host a LIVE Panel, Let’s Talk Regaining Intimacy, on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

Leading Project Pink'd and supporting those diagnosed with breast cancer has always been personal for Cynthia & Dave Sturgeon. In this two-part Your Second Season podcast, you'll get an intimate look into how this power couple copes, prepares and makes the CHOICE to LIVE life to the fullest after a cancer re-diagnosis.

Leading Project Pink'd and supporting those diagnosed with breast cancer has always been personal for Cynthia & Dave Sturgeon. In this two-part Your Second Season podcast, you'll get an intimate look into how this power couple copes, prepares and makes the CHOICE to LIVE life to the fullest after a cancer re-diagnosis.

Local breast cancer survivors get together ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. 80 survivors celebrated at the Nebraska Medicine Bellevue clinic Sunday afternoon. The Medical Center and Project Pink'd teamed up to make the event happen. The survivors shared a Thanksgiving. Lunch and connected with other survivors who are now thriving. The goal was to make it a relaxed and intimate atmosphere so they all feel comfortable. Each person was also given an additional complimentary frozen Thanksgiving meal for them to have on the holiday.

Project Pink'd welcomed 80 survivors to their 4th annual Care to Share Thanksgiving event on Sunday. It was a day filled with fellowship, survivorship and Thriving.

Sunday, they held a thanksgiving luncheon right here in Lincoln.

As the holiday season approaches, Project Pink'd wanted to lighten the burden for survivors going through treatment, or those who just need a little extra care.

They hosted a 'Care to Share thanksgiving meal at the Cornhusker Marriott.

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