Our Mission:  From the moment of diagnosis through end of life, Project Pink’d, Inc. provides tools, resources and a strong network to strengthen and renew the mind, body and spirit of breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa.  Learn more and get involved.

In the breast cancer community, the rebuilding of one’s life after treatment is referred to as the “Second Battle,” a battle that is much different than the first because survivors are dealing with long-lasting side effects from the treatments they receive. Project Pink’d, Inc. understands survivors are apprehensive to talk about issues such as body image and intimacy because they seem trivial compared to a life-threatening diagnosis. However, the treatment for breast cancer often leaves the survivor with more than just physical scars. Emotional and mental scars can be just as difficult to overcome and often become long-term psychological side effects.

Survivors are invited to join Project Pink'd and Brier Jirka, LIMHP, CPC, CST, a licensed mental health practitioner and sex therapist on July 25, 2018, from 7pm-8pm for an interactive live video stream, to explore the bold and brave topic, Breast Cancer & Body Image: Accepting the New Me.

The interactive Straight Talk: Ask An Expert Series, offered by Project Pink’d, explores issues of particular interests to breast cancer survivors and provides LIVE access to professionals (both medical and non-medical). With the ease of just a click on participants phone, iPad, or computer, the live video webcast format enables survivors and their families living throughout the state of Nebraska and Western Iowa the access to chat directly with the professional. Participants will have the option to join the interactive LIVE video webcast anonymously as well as ask questions anonymously.

"Each and every day, Project Pink'd works to tackle the hard topics that are often hard to discuss such as body image. As many as 2/3 of breast cancer survivors struggle with body image and intimacy challenges and we are excited to address this topic in our July Straight Talk live video stream. Bringing together survivors in a safe and real-time environment without the barriers of geography is one more step we can make to helping survivors thrive in our community,” stated Cynthia Sturgeon, Project Pink'd Founder & President.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Interested participants must pre-register at www.projectpinkd.org to attend.

This program is complimentary to breast cancer survivors in Nebraska & Western Iowa and made possible by many donors.

Project Pink'd" is a group that knows all too well the dangers of breast cancer. So it has made it's mission to give those suffering a little peace of mind by making kits. It's called "Healing Hearts," and the kits come in three different types...

In May, Project Pink'd received its first national grant award after it was selected as one of six grant award winners by the American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation at the 2018 American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) Annual Meeting. Each year the Foundation funds grants for breast cancer and breast health research, community outreach, education, and conferences. These grants are given to provide critical support for underserved populations.

“Our grants make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients in need each year and support research that can make an impact for years to come,” said Beth Boyd, RN, Chairman of the ASBrS Foundation. “We’re honored to support these great programs that help men and women affected by breast cancer and other breast issues, saving lives and improving their quality of life.”

The grant will be used to help fund the Sexual Wellness Conference to be held in October. The conference will collaborate on empowerment, self-knowledge, and self-care in regards to sexual wellness among breast cancer survivors.

"Receiving this grant award is super exciting as it is recognition from a national organization that Project Pink'd programming is beneficial and worth investing in," said Cynthia Sturgeon, Project Pink’d Founder and President. "We are eager to use this grant award to help survivors in our community understand, celebrate and thrive in their beautiful new body!"

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