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Intro: Get to Know CB

Me (to self): Take a deep breath….here we go…(BTW, you might want to settle in with a glass of wine, because I’m known for my long-form writing – the butt of many jokes among friends).

I was diagnosed with TNBC in the summer of 2018. I was three months into a new job and just over three months away from my daughter’s wedding. The news came on a Friday in June – at 400 p.m. – while I was getting ready for a party (one that I would not attend). I didn’t tell anyone, save my husband, until two weeks later: after the consult with the physicians, after a treatment plan was outlined, and after I had enough information that I could follow the announcement of, “I have breast cancer” with “but we’ve met with some great doctors and here’s the treatment plan.”

I’ll also tell you that this blog posting is hard for me. Although I can come across as open, extroverted, and even gregarious at times – I’m not. My diagnosis and journey have been very private; only shared with select friends and family and, of course, colleagues at work. It was a choice I made for myself, but I much admire my friends and others who are and were more open than I. Plus, I was lucky. I live and work in environments where I can wear headscarves (ping me if you need some suggestions) or embrace baldness (a wig was not for me) without turning many heads, so understand my privileged position in that regard.

Ironically, I shunned Project Pink’d when I first learned about it; after all, I had friends and family, right?! But my husband (bless that man), knows me and pushed me to sign up for a couple of events after hearing Kelly K. speak at an event. I never thought I would sign up for a retreat (bonding…really?!). But, here I am – so thankful and grateful for knowing a cohort of women with whom to travel this journey of thrivership. It’s what I need and for which I am thankful.

Perhaps this is more than you want to know in an introduction, but I share it here, on this public forum, because much of my journey was private and I want you to know that there’s no one way to go through this breast cancer journey. The right way is your way and know, that the journey doesn’t always end with treatment – thus, Project Pink’d.

Thanks for reading.

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