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Meet Trisha

I was a very healthy 46-yr old single Mom of two teenage girls when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb 2018. The lump was found during a routine mammogram. Even after it was diagnosed I never could “feel” my lump because of where it was located. I think I was in shock at first because I didn’t cry. I was very calm and was focused on “what is next”, I was ready for a plan! What I didn’t realize was there would be no set “plan” for the next couple of years of life. Being a single mom, I survived by being independent, staying organized, and in control of my life. It was very difficult to suddenly be thrown into a situation where I was suddenly no longer in “control” and had to ask for help. My biggest suggestion to newly diagnosed women is to find a support group of survivors. Reach out to them with questions, especially in those first few weeks when it is a whirlwind. I am by no means a blogger and sharing my story in this way makes me very nervous, however, I have a strong desire to give back and help other women thrown into the same situation. I look forward to sharing more about my journey. If just one person learns something that helps them it will be worth it!

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