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Choices and Control

The one and only thing I can control is myself. I cannot control my DNA. I cannot control the past. I cannot control other people. I can only control myself. During this crazy Covid time there are so many things in our lives we cannot control. I close my eyes, take deep breaths and go to my happy place. Also, did you know smelling rubbing alcohol takes away nausea and the feeling you are going to faint???? (Thank you Dr. Honz!) I apologize Dr. Gustin for telling you before my cortisone shot to the hip when I was terrified that I brought my own alcohol forgetting to say the word rubbing……

I have chosen to focus on thinking ‘I get to’ vs ‘I have to’. Life is full of some difficult things and I am learning to find and appreciate the small positive things during the sad difficult things. This little mind shift is very powerful for me.

I have chosen to acknowledge chemo brain is a real thing and choose to be kind to myself when words or memories won’t come as quickly and easily as they once did. I loved to read books immersing myself in wonderful places I might never get to travel to with friends I might never have an opportunity to meet. Unfortunately I still can’t get my chemo brain to focus, retain, and read many books. I have chosen to enjoy my iPad watching short videos learning new things, listening to positive messages and just laughing whenever I can.

Chemo also has given my fingers and toes some challenges. I choose to appreciate I am able to put my earrings on and take them off. I LOVE jewelry. I choose to enjoy wearing comfy shoes and soft thick new socks.

I still occasionally hit a little bump in the road however my Project Pink’d Thriving sisters ground me. It is amazing to have folks who understand almost exactly where you are. Thriving is about choices. Choose to be happy and thankful you ‘get to’.

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