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Cancer Stinks!

After another monthly thriving circle via zoom, I just feel sad and that is ok. It makes the happy times feel so very much better. Cancer stinks. It absolutely stinks….. It is not fair. My heart aches right now.

I have found exercise and eating healthy foods really help to improve my mood. Also, reaching out to others to share a compliment so makes ME feel good. I find I tend to be the one listening to others vent so allowing them to do so without any judgment or allowing myself to hold on to their burdens helps my soul.

Cancer changes you. It helps us focus on what is really important. The little stuff and some say it is all little stuff, isn’t worth wasting your energy. It forces you to stand firm on what is important to you not allow others to force their priorities for you onto you.

I was recently cleared to exercise again after getting some really cool titanium inserted into my hip. Thank you, Dr. Jana! It makes me want to sing the song, I am Titanium, at the top of my lungs…….. After my chemo treatment plan in March 2019, my oncologist shared the data if a breast cancer survivor does cardio exercise for ?? minutes a day ?? days a week there is a 40% lower chance of re-occurrence. Of course, I cannot remember the statistics, chemo brain remember. Anyway, I round it up to a 50/50 chance in my head instead of 40/60 and go to Rockbrook Women’s gym faithfully. During this time of Covid going to the gym can be scary. Rockbrook Women’s gym is owned by an amazing lady, Amy, and the other members are very careful wiping down everything touched. I can definitely share the sore muscle pain from exercise is absolutely fantastic because remember I get to, I don’t have to. Thank you for reading this.

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