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What a powerful word. You have the power to make a choice for instance to be happy, fit, caring etc. The thing about choice is that you will need to make that choice. There are so many variables in your life that can influence your “choice”. Learning how to become comfortable in making that choice is harder than you would think.
A piece of advice I remember from my parents is “You always have a choice but you may not always like the choices you have to pick from”. True statement. You will need to decide on the “best” bad choice. They may not be bad in as much as they may be equally hard. Just think of the decisions related to cancer and its treatment. They weren’t / aren’t always the easiest to make.

One thing that I recently learned is what I can and what I can not change. It boils down to just a few subjects. I can’t change my DNA, my past or other people. I can only change myself. What a revelation. I could have used this when I was going through many of life’s challenges. I really need this when I was going through my divorce. It would have saved me hours and hours of reliving things that happened in my relationship. Boy did I spend way too much time on these events. I needed to make the “choice” to focus on me. I can use this to help at work as well.

Here's to making CHOICES!!

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