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Friendly Reminder

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to not only have the people in my life but also to have come this far. After someone read my last blog post, they pointed out that I didn’t mention my husband amid the slew of people I called out. Insert facepalm emoji. The same goes for his family – most of them living in the Omaha area. Here I am, running my mouth about all the people in my life, and I leave out some of the key players.

I think it’s easy not to call out the most important people in your life because they have been a constant. They are the assumed. I assumed some people would be there for me throughout my cancer journey and the years following. And of course, they were, and have been.

Over the past year, I’ve tried to remind myself often that not everyone is so lucky to have those constant people in their lives. I don’t mention my husband because he didn’t “show up,” as I mentioned in my last post. He lived it with me every single day. And now I have this group of Project Pink’d women who are living the next chapter with me.

After I received the results from my biopsy, my doctor was very honest about the fact that the road ahead of me was long. A big mountain to climb. She also shared with me what others had told her – that when you get to the top, it’s a pretty sweet view. So sweet that you have to remind yourself things could have looked very different. And I think this must be what thriving looks like.

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