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Meet Kacie

Hello! In November of 2018, at the age of 35, I was blindsided by news that planted me firmly on the struggle bus for a journey that has lasted well over a year. Mind you, I should have seen this coming, I felt the change long before I did anything about it. When I finally decided to get it checked out, the news came out of nowhere. The word cancer was literally NOT on my radar. The subsequent parade of appointments, medications, treatments, questions, and my personal favorite- unsolicited advice was overwhelming, to say the least. I am happy to say that even though I am stage IV, I am also currently no evidence of disease. Which means that while that was hands down the worst parade I've participated in, it was worth it. The ride on the struggle bus has not ended though and that is why I asked to be apart of this Thriving Circle. I was overjoyed to be accepted, so much so that I welcomed 19 sisters in pink onto that bus with me. I look forward to sharing with you all my journey on the struggle bus with my new sisters and the amazing women that are guiding our journey, all while trying to figure out just who the h#!! is driving the bus!!

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