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Bold & Brave Conversations | Survivor & Caregiver Management

Thursday, September 29, 2022
7:00 pm8:30 pm
Live Webcast via Zoom

Throughout this Bold & Brave Conversations series, our goal has been to remove the stigma around end-of-life conversations. These conversations have involved partners, families, survivors, and health care professionals. This month's conversation will focus specifically on the survivor living with advanced breast cancer disease and their caregiver. Project Pink'd is here to have those Bold & Brave Conversations: From Diagnosis to End of  Life. Our guest expert, Amanda Buscher, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 22 years of experience and Dr. Clay Hoberman hope to help you speak your truth and leave nothing unsaid or any unfinished business.

This featured conversation will focus on:

Understanding levels of care & the financial responsibility associated with each
How to go about mending broken relationships
How to share your personal thoughts and feelings when that isn't your natural instinct
How to speak to family members who are not on the same page as you with your end of life care plan
Stressing the importance of living in the present so you can live your best life for the remaining days
What does caregiver mean and what resources there are for them

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