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Executive Summary

Embracing our Amazing Community

There was so much to be proud of in 2018.  2018 proved to be nothing short of amazing.  Amazing, not just because we continued our string of double-digit growth in revenue years.  Amazing because we’re still here after nine years despite the odds against startup organizations.  While having hundreds of thousands in grant dollars allows us to impact more and more survivors each year, we realize the hundreds of everyday people doing extraordinary things each and every day are integral to our overall success. Our community of supporters take our mission personally and generously share their time, talents and donations to support our organization. 

In the spirit of transparency, we proudly continue to highlight our financial statement, program impact and personal testimonies. However, this year more than any year, the growth in spirit has been the most gratifying since Project Pink’d was formed. We’ve felt the love and have seen the evidence of care for one another grow.

In 2018, we impacted the lives of over 3600 breast cancer survivors in 47 counties throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa. From the moment of diagnosis through end of life, Project Pink’d remains focused on providing tools, resources, and a strong network to strengthen and renew the mind, body and spirit of breast cancer survivors in our local community. 

In 2018, Project Pink'd continued its three core programs, Helping Hand, Beauty and Renewal.  In addition, we met our goal of launching two additional programs to address the impacts breast cancer and its treatments have on survivors’ quality of life.

Straight Talk: Ask An Expert | In its inaugural year, this live video webcast series explored the real issues survivors face after a breast cancer diagnosis, providing LIVE access to professionals.  By combining technology and professional experts, we are able to serve 460 survivors and their families living throughout the state of Nebraska and Western Iowa, eliminating geography as a barrier to participation. 

Sexual Wellness After Breast Cancer Conference: Project Pink’d brought healthcare professionals together to provide a comprehensive agenda with an emphasis on empowerment, self-knowledge and self-care regarding sexual wellness among breast cancer survivors. Almost 100 survivors attended our first conference and by all measures it was a major success.

As amazed and gratified as we are for the successes to date, we remain unsatisfied with the plight of survivors in our community and are anxious to continue our work with your help going forward. We have many more hands to hold and hearts to heal as we move forward into 2019.

It always has been and will remain personal for us at Project Pink'd.  It's personal because survivors, their families and our community suffer due to this disease.  Each time we lose to this disease, it only drives our resolve and sense of urgency to continue our mission and provide the support that is so desperately needed. While there are losses that drive us, there are gains keeps our tanks full.  The gain comes from the enormous amount of love felt from unselfish devotions to one another and lifting each other up in the fight to THRIVE in spite of this disease.  

Our progress would not be possible without the tireless effort and support of our donors, sponsors and volunteers.  Thank you for believing in our mission and walking this journey with us.  With your help, in 2019 we will continue touching lives, healing hearts and providing support that no other organization does. Because for us, it IS and ALWAYS will be PERSONAL!

Cynthia Sturgeon, Founder & President | Dave Sturgeon, Vice President


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