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Executive Summary

We’re better together.

That’s how we would describe 2021 for Project Pink’d. In 2020 we showed our resiliency and ability to function with mainly electronic interactions. But it’s not what we’d ever preferred and not what makes our organization great.  

Making personal contacts, giving reassuring hugs, and just generally enjoying personal fellowship are at the core of how we can best assist breast cancer survivors. We’re better together. 

In 2021, we took the learnings from 2020 and adjusted them to meet the needs of our survivor community.  We were cautious and responsible while re-entering the world of in-person programming, however, we adjusted our program offerings into a hybrid model.  This enabled us to serve more survivors throughout the state and reach beyond the metro areas.  The hybrid model proved to be what our community needed. Project Pink’d impacted over 7700 breast cancer survivors in 2021 which was a 42% increase from 2020.  Project Pink’d returned 82% of dollars spent to the community in programming.  How did we do it?   

  • 430 Helping Hand Grants were made to financially assist survivors. This accounted for 54% of every dollar spent by Project Pink’d. 
  • Over 150 volunteers delivered almost 500 sweet treats and Thanksgiving meals to survivors in over 35 cities for our Care to Share Thanksgiving program. 
  • Addressing the need of our survivors to stay connected and obtain information, Project Pink’d delivered 3,479 hours of virtual programming focused on the mind, body, and spirit of those individuals. 

Despite continued limitations on access for much of 2021, we were able to deliver: 

  • 892 Healing Heart Kits to survivors undergoing treatment 
  • 288 survivors received a Jar of Hope to lift their spirits 
  • 1935 survivors received a newly designed “Be Hopeful” box. 
  • Over 1293 hours of Love and Light Yoga were delivered in our community – virtually and safely. 
  • Over 1500 survivors tuned in to our Straight Talk sessions – live, interactive webcasts involving experts discussing topics of interest to breast cancer survivors.   
  • New programs were launched in 2021 including Soul to Sole Walking Club, Sunrise Yoga, Young Survivors Retreat, and Brave & Bold Conversations.   

Our program impact was higher than ever with nearly 8000 survivors reached.  We increased revenues by over 40% to keep moving forward on our mission. Our August fundraiser generated over $550,000, a record for Project Pink’d. This was done with enormous headwinds from Covid. We were one of the first 500+ in-person events in Omaha (over 900 in attendance) since DHHS restrictions were lifted.   We took a partnership perspective in approaching the event with all those involved in making it possible (inside & outside of Project Pink’d).  We're better together.   

Better together certainly describes how we accomplished our goals, delivered our programs, and served our community. We rely on and love the community of survivors, volunteers, sponsors, and donors that support our mission. We are committed to continuing to deliver our mission with passion, love, and a laser focus on helping survivors thrive. 

We are excited for 2022.  As we embark upon 2022, we know it will be a challenging year as we transition away from our Founder leading the organization.  As Cynthia faces health challenges due to her metastatic cancer, she will move into a more support role as Dave becomes President of the organization.  The Board of Directors, Executive Advisory Council, staff, and volunteers have been preparing for this moment for several years.  While it is not what anyone had hoped for, it is time to execute what we planned.  We can do this because we are a team of committed talented and passionate individuals that are better together.   We are optimistic and determined to continue to support our community and look forward to the best year yet.   

Thanks for all you will do and have done to support Project Pink’d. God bless you all.  

Cynthia Sturgeon, Founder & Dave Sturgeon, President

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