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Executive Summary

Our Year to Shine

Shine, Sparkle, Shimmer, Glow – whatever the positive adjective, Project Pink’d exemplified success in 2023. We came out of the dark days of uncertainty and sadness that we encountered in 2022 and made 2023 a year to remember.  

Instead of being timid, cautious and uncertain we boldly moved forward. Project Pink’d boldly re-started and re-energized programs that Covid put on hold, brought on new programs for 2023 and planned further expansion in 2024. In short, we did everything we always did and more.  

The list of accomplishments for 2023 is long. Please note the glowing results contained in this report. Records set in total programming and Helping Hand Grants should assure everyone that we’re on the right track with our mission of helping survivors thrive. 

Looking ahead, we have big ideas and exciting plans for improvements to our infrastructure and programming. Newest on the programming list is our Intimacy Conference in early 2024.  

New programing, updates to current programming and infrastructure, and new staff to better support our activities. All this takes money and we need your help. We feel we’re doing the right things, but can’t do it without your support. Please consider donating to Project Pink’d and help us help survivors thrive. 

Thank you to all donors, sponsors and volunteers who help make our success possible. Thank you for all you do for Project Pink’d and the survivors we support. 

David Sturgeon

Cynthia and Dave Sturgeon
Founder and President

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