Our Mission:  From the moment of diagnosis through end of life, Project Pink’d, Inc. provides tools, resources and a strong network to strengthen and renew the mind, body and spirit of breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa.  Learn more and get involved.

Project Pink’d Founder and President Cynthia Sturgeon shared her story of battling breast cancer, and talked about what her organization does to help fellow women with all of the issues that are related to that diagnosis.

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Project Pink'd to Host 5th Annual "Dare to Thrive" Renewal Retreat for Breast Cancer Survivors
Project Pink'd to Host 5th Annual "Dare to Thrive" Renewal Retreat for Breast Cancer Survivors

Battling breast cancer can be an extremely exhausting fight-one that is draining physically, emotionally and financially. Through an upcoming three-day retreat this weekend, Project Pink'd, Inc., an Omaha-based nonprofit, aims to once again help 20 survivors recognize how cancer has impacted their mind, body and spirit-and how it can lead them towards creating a thriving and purposeful future.

Introduced in 2014, the 6-month "Dare to Thrive" renewal retreat program leans on bite-size tools, one-on-one support and a strong community network as a catalyst for addressing everyday life issues that survivors experience after treatment. A life-changing survivorship program offered to breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa, the retreat program is designed for women who have been treated for breast cancer and are at least one year post-diagnosis. The retreat is most beneficial for survivors who seek to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and who are receptive to the work of personal transformation.

"We often hear from survivors that they feel lost and alone after treatment. These women are taking a bold and brave step toward their future. With intention, they are making the choice to move forward in spite of their diagnosis and the challenges that come with it. Each of them is making a daring decision to thrive and I could not be more proud of them. It’s wonderful to see these courageous women walk away from the retreat experience with a renewed sense of hope and possibilities for their future." said Project Pink'd President and Founder, Cynthia Sturgeon.

Among other activities, Renewal Retreat participants will take part in a photo shoot that will challenge them to be bolder, braver and even more beautiful in the face of their fear. In the process, they build positive experiences out of some of the same emotions of uncertainty they are faced with while battling breast cancer. Their thriving journey will be depicted in beautiful art and unveiled August 17 at the 2018 EXPOSED Annual Benefit. Twenty images of hope with the goal to both lift the spirits of individuals who have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and raise awareness for the organization and the support it provides.

Project Pink'd, continues to strive to address the REAL issues breast cancer survivors face after a diagnosis. Survivors are invited to participate in the first of four interactive Straight Talk: Ask An Expert Series, Genetic Testing & Breast Cancer on Wednesday, May 2.

The new interactive Straight Talk: Ask An Expert Series, offered by Project Pink’d, explores issues of particular interests to breast cancer survivors and provides LIVE access to professionals (both medical and non-medical). With the ease of just a click on participants phone, iPad, or computer, the live video webcast format enables survivors and their families living throughout the state of Nebraska and Western Iowa the access to chat directly with the professional.

Survivors are invited to join Project Pink'd and Gwen Reiser, MS, LCGC, on May 2, 2018, from 7pm-8pm for the first live video series, Genetic Testing & Breast Cancer. Ms. Reiser is a licensed and certified genetic counselor at the UNMC Hereditary Cancer Clinic. She will help participants understand genetic testing relative to breast cancer and answer questions during the live video broadcast.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Interested participants must pre-register at www.projectpinkd.org to attend.

The Following Topics Will Be Discussed:
· Understanding Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer
· Risk Factors
· Who should get tested and what the genetic test actually tests for
· What is covered by insurance
· Address why counseling is so important
· What should I do if I am positive

"I could not be more excited Project Pink'd is able to launch the Straight Talk: Ask An Expert program for survivors in our community. In the hustle of daily life, survivors struggle to gain access to information, particularly those in non-metro areas. This new program breaks through the location barriers and allows us to provide information directly from professionals in an easy and convenient way," stated Cynthia Sturgeon, Project Pink'd Founder & President.

This program is complimentary to breast cancer survivors in Nebraska & Western Iowa and made possible by many donors.

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