Project Pink’d, Inc. is a volunteer-powered charitable 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping survivors thrive by supporting the mind, body and spirit of those diagnosed with breast cancer in Nebraska and Western Iowa. Learn more and get involved.

A local woman is now battling breast cancer for the second time. That same woman has been helping others fight breast cancer for quite some time.

This month's Jefferson Award winner is a cancer survivor who founded a local non-profit organization called Project Pink'd.

Meet Project Pink'd Board of Directors Vice President, David Sturgeon
Meet Project Pink'd Board of Directors Vice President, David Sturgeon

It's Personal at Project Pink'd....
Our volunteer-powered organization thrives on the generosity of volunteers focused on improving the quality of life for not only survivors, but our community.

Meet David Sturgeon, Board of Directors Vice President
"I’m a new member of the Project Pink’d Board of Directors, but not a new member of the Pink’d team. I’ve been a participant/volunteer, supporter, donor and fan since the organization’s inception. I came to the organization originally as the supportive spouse of the founder. Being married to Cynthia Sturgeon for over 20 years has led me to many adventures I never dreamed would be part of my world. But when breast cancer rocked our plans for retirement, it became an “all hands on deck” effort to fight back.

Cynthia and I learned and grew from our cancer experiences and Cynthia began an immediate search for steps to take which leveraged our learnings to help others through the fight we’d already experienced. Cynthia has a passion for learning, organizing, networking, and making a difference. Competitive to a fault, she needed to punch back in this fight. I was happy to hold her coat and provide encouragement.

Until recently, I saw my role as a strictly supportive. She had or grew the skills she needed to build and grow the organization she envisioned to assist others. She didn’t need my help in organizational leadership. Now that our situation has changed again with her re-diagnosis it became time for me to move from the background to a more direct role in the current work and future of Project Pink’d.

Maybe there would be times where she couldn’t be there or be strong enough to get things done the way she wanted. Maybe she wouldn’t be there anymore at all, then what would happen with Pink’d? These are worries she didn’t need to be concerned with, but without more direct involvement I wouldn’t be positioned to step in and help.

So I’m here offering my 38 years of business experience working for Union Pacific and BNSF Railway, hoping I can make a difference the way Cynthia has. As a native Nebraskan who appreciates immensely the way the community rallied around Cynthia in her cancer fight and in supporting her work in Pink’d, I’m honored to be accepted on the board. One thing for certain, I won’t let her or Project Pink’d down."

One $30,000 Donation. Hundreds of Survivors Lives Impacted.
One $30,000 Donation. Hundreds of Survivors Lives Impacted.

On that beautiful Sunday, June 25, the Pink’d Ribbon Golf Tournament kicked-off with an emotional moment, President and Co-Founder of Onestaff Medical, Todd Livingston, placed a pink ribbon on the tribute wall with his mom’s name on it. It was a reminder that it wasn’t just a day of golf, it was a day of remembrance, support and honor.

Todd Livingston lost his mom to breast cancer over 2 years ago. Now, as part of his healing process, he’s giving back and giving hope in her honor.

A true example of a company with a pay-it-forward culture, Onestaff Medical embraced the Project Pink’d mission by hosting the Pink’d Ribbon Open Golf Tournament on June 25.  Onestaff Medical engaged their employees, customers, business partners, survivors and the community and together, they raised $30,000 for Project Pink’d.  “Onestaff Medical is honored and privileged to have such a great partnership with Project Pink’d. Knowing that we have the ability and desire to impact so many lives within our community-it was a great honor presenting Project Pink’d with the proceeds from the 2017 Pink’d Ribbon Open. Thank you goes out to all that participated making the outing a HUGE success,” stated Todd Livingston, President/Co-Founder, Onestaff Medical.

On Monday, July 10, Onestaff Medical presented Project Pink’d with a check for $30,000 .

 “Todd Livingston and Onestaff Medical far exceeded any and all expectations for the generosity shown in raising $30,000 through the Pink’d Ribbon Open. To say that we are humbled and honored to be the beneficiary of such a great event is an understatement. Thank you to Todd, his family, and the Onestaff Medical team for their dedication, generosity and commitment to helping survivors thrive in the community. The monies received will help hundreds of survivors in our community,” said Cynthia Sturgeon, Project Pink’d Founder & President.

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