Project Pink’d, Inc. is a volunteer-powered charitable 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping survivors thrive by supporting the mind, body and spirit of those diagnosed with breast cancer in Nebraska and Western Iowa. Learn more and get involved.

A breast cancer diagnosis changes your life and it can be overwhelming. After treatment, many survivors find themselves asking “What Now?” They feel stuck and unable to move forward. Through an upcoming three-day retreat, Project Pink’d, an Omaha-based nonprofit, aims to once again restore the minds, bodies and spirits of 19 breast cancer survivors.

Project Pink’d will host the 4th Annual Project Pink’d Renewal Retreat at the Magnolia Hotel, April 28 to 30. The program leans on bite-sized tools, one-on-one support and a strong community network as a catalyst for addressing everyday life issues that survivors experience after treatment. We help women recognize how cancer has impacted their mind, body and spirit-and how it can lead them towards creating a thriving and purposeful future. 

"We often hear from survivors that they feel lost and alone after treatment. These women are taking a bold and brave step toward their future. With intention, they are making the choice to move forward in spite of their diagnosis and the challenges that come with it. Each of them is making a daring decision to thrive and I could not be more proud of them. It’s wonderful to see these courageous women walk away from the retreat experience with a renewed sense of hope and possibilities for their future," said Project Pink’d President and Founder, Cynthia Sturgeon. 

Among other activities, Renewal Retreat participants will take part in a photo shoot that will challenge them to be bolder, braver and even more beautiful in the face of their fear. In the process, they build positive experiences out of some of the same emotions of uncertainty they are faced with while battling breast cancer. Their VO1CE will make a difference, as the reveal of nineteen thriving survivors will take place August 18 at the Project Pink’d 2017 EXPOSED: VO1CE 8th Annual Benefit. 

While the 2017 Renewal Retreat is currently full, Project Pink’d plans to host numerous events throughout the year with a primary focus on emotional and physical well-being of survivors. Due to the generous support from our community sponsors and benefactors, all Project Pink’d programs, including the retreat, are available at no cost to participants.

Project Pink’d’s mission is to improve the everyday quality of life of individual breast cancer survivors, providing support for survivors’ emotional, physical and financial well-being. The organization serves breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Lincoln Fire Fighters Association Local 644 Donates $4700 to Project Pink'd
Lincoln Fire Fighters Association Local 644 Donates $4700 to Project Pink'd

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Lincoln Fire Fighters Association Local 644 presented a check in the amount of $4,700 to Project Pink'd volunteer and VP of Grants, Jil Colbourn. The monies raised were a result of their t-shirt fundraising event held last October in an effort to raise awareness on the impact breast cancer has on so many loved ones.

Community partnerships such as this are a vital part of Project Pink'd as all the money raised here stays in our community to support programs which help survivors thrive throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa. In addition to this campaign, the Lincoln Fire Fighters Association Local 644 is working on partnering with Project Pink'd on several additional initiatives throughout the year.

Omaha Lancers Hockey Organization Donates Over $4900 to Project Pink'd
Omaha Lancers Hockey Organization Donates Over $4900 to Project Pink'd

On February 18, 2017, the Omaha Lancers held their "Pink in the Rink" event with proceeds going to Project Pink'd.  A check for over $4,900 was presented to Project Pink'd volunteers on March 29, 2017, which will greatly impact the lives of survivors.

With the help of local partnerships, the money raised here is used to fund programs to enrich the lives of survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa. Events such as this enables Project Pink'd to be visible to the community and to let them know they are here to help.

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