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With Gratitude

We’re moving forward into our eighth year from an exciting, humbling, rewarding and productive year in 2017.  As our volunteer, sponsor and donor support for Project Pink’d grew, so did our ability to expand programs and increase the impact of our established core programs. 

In 2017, we had the honor and privilege of impacting the lives of over 2400 breast cancer survivors in 26 counties throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa.  From the moment of diagnosis through end of life, Project Pink’d remains focused on providing tools, resources, and a strong network to strengthen and renew the mind, body and spirit of breast cancer survivors in our local community. 

We celebrate humbly, because our accomplishments are joint efforts of those who donate, sponsor and volunteer with no thought of self.  We work and strive together to help those stricken with a disease which marches through our community, negatively impacting thousands each year.

2018 will see us continue to provide support through our 3 core programs:  Helping Hand, Beauty, and Renewal.  We will continue to expand programs such as Chef’s Table, Care to Share Thanksgiving and Healing Hearts.  But expansion is not enough.  Survivorship needs continue to grow, and Project Pink’d will follow. 

In 2018, we have added two additional programs to address the impacts breast cancer and its treatments leave survivors with.

  • Straight Talk:  A series of video web conferences hosted by Project Pink’d and local experts address the various survivorship needs in our community. 
  • Sexual Wellness After Breast Cancer Conference in 2018:  Project Pink’d will bring healthcare professionals together to provide a comprehensive agenda with an emphasis on empowerment, self-knowledge and self-care regarding sexual wellness among breast cancer survivors. 

The successes from 2017 are fueling our enthusiasm for the work before us in 2018 and beyond.  We are sobered by the size of the challenges people face when breast cancer strikes, not by the work required to be of assistance.  We will continue our work as long as there is a need in our community and as long as we are blessed with the support required to make a difference. 

Look for us to be an ever-growing presence, expanding programs, touching lives, healing hearts and providing support that no other organization does in 2018 – because for us, It’s Personal.

Please accept our gratitude on behalf of the breast cancer survivors we serve.

Cynthia Sturgeon, Founder & President | Dave Sturgeon, Vice President

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