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Meet Jennifer

On Dec 1, 2003, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) at age 34. My Oncologist and I decided on Lumpectomy, Chemo, and Radiation for my treatment plan. I had a positive attitude and so much support and I "just knew" I was going to be "ok!". Almost 15 yrs later, after a vacation with my family, I found a new lump and on August 3, 2018, I was diagnosed with TNBC...again. The second time was different. I was now a mother to a 10 yr old, I just got an amazing job offer, and I was scared of how this diagnosis would affect me, my child, and my livelihood. After a double mastectomy and 18 chemo treatments, I was exhausted. My anxiety and depression increased and I was living in "survival mode!". I felt trapped in my own body and mind. When the opportunity to apply for the Dare to Thrive Retreat came up, I jumped on it! Although I was grateful to have made it through another cancer battle, I found myself stuck in "survival mode." I was just "existing." I was hoping that connecting with other breast cancer survivors at the retreat would help me find the motivation and tools to move forward and get "unstuck." Deep in my heart I wanted to "Thrive" I just needed help to relearn how to.

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