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Meet Lisa F.

As the clock ticks back to 2017, I see my pre-cancer self slowly putting my life in order. I exited an unhealthy marriage, was looking for a career change, and was trying my hardest to raise my 3 children to be strong and independent. Then cancer happened. This wasn’t my first rodeo as I was already a 35 year survivor, however, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to deal with the “C” word again. I was devastated! I received a chemo bag at my first appointment and my heart was touched that someone cared enough to do this for me. I had never heard of Project Pink’d and I wanted to know more. This was when I met Penny at a yoga class. She is the most amazing woman and has been my inspiration since the first day I met her. I thought I was so strong, but I really wasn’t. I was barely surviving emotionally. No one in my life knew how scared and alone I felt. They are great, but don’t “get it”. I needed help. Being part of the Dare to Thrive group gave me the help I needed and the most amazing sisters who do “get it”. I can’t imagine a future without all of them in it. The battle is still hard, but I know with every circle, I get back just a little bit of myself. This is giving me the strength to say, “Dear cancer, we are breaking up! ❤me

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