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Yesterday is almost a faded memory.

Some flashes still survive.  Abnormal scan.  A look of pity.  Pokes & prods.  The phone rings……. CANCER

Somehow you make it through, but you are forever changed.  Not everyone can see how you worry.  How you feel so alone.  How you wish you were anywhere else than the here & now.

In the midst of it all, you receive a bag of love.  Your heart is touched that someone cared enough to think of you when you are at your lowest point.

You want to know more – to meet others like you.  Slowly you join a cooking class here.  Yoga there.  With a little sexual wellness on the side.

You meet such amazing women.  You crave more.  You are forever changed……. but this time, it’s different!

This time there is hope.  This time there is understanding.  This time there is love.  You figure out you do have a future.  You get to be there for all the tomorrows that will be.

To take joy in the small things in life.  To let go of what doesn’t serve you.  To grieve for what was.  Trading it for what can be.  Remembering to stop & take a breath.  To find the calm.

Change starts small, then grows.

You smile.  You find happiness.  You define yourself not by that 1 word, but by all that you are.


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