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Project Pink'd understood the assignment

Project Pink'd focuses on so many things. Part of the process and focus is mental health. Everyone knows that mental health is on a general decline all over the world. Unless you or someone close to you has struggled with mental health, it may not be something that is thought about much. My son is currently struggling at 11 years old. He has a daily war in his head, against himself. We've been trying for years to get the help he needs. If you know, you know. Mental health resources are extremely hard to get. As I think about all the people that have tried to help him...I realize they aren't around any longer. We get new people, they try, then give up. We've been through multiple therapists and psychiatrists. IT IS HARD.

Then I think about my own situation. How extremely blessed and grateful to have found Project Pink'd... My one-stop healing shop. They understand that Mental Health IS THE PRIORITY- and they don't give up or walk away. I feel like I have won the mental health resource lottery. They offer so many avenues and resources that help survivors heal. For free. All in one place.

This week has been hard for my family as my son fights for mental freedom. If you're reading this, please send thoughts and prayers up to the big guy for him.

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