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It will grow back...


The day I received my cancer diagnosis, that Thursday afternoon at 3:30 pm (cause we remember all the dates) I was told many things. Its name, its location, how to treat it, and all the events that would take place following this phone call. At some point, I eventually quit listening, I mean really quit listening because all that I could think about was that I was going to lose my hair! Luckily, my phone was on speaker so my girls could take notes and help ask all the questions.
I didn't think about nausea, or fatigue, or the chemo that was going to be pumped into my body to attack almost every living cell, or the fact that I could possibly die. No, I did not think about that at all. I was more scared of losing all my hair than anything at that point. It was another thing I could not control.

I was told that the "losing your hair process" usually begins 13 days after your first treatment by my first chemo nurse, and boy was she right. I was also given some wonderful advice from a dear friend who suggested getting a wig ahead of time so I would be ready when it happened. How does one go about this and where do you go, and what will it look like and I just could not fathom this whole process.
At the time, I was a nurse for CHI and chose to visit the Renewed Hope boutique inside of Bergan Mercy hospital and met a true angel, her name is really Sandy, and she was a lifeline for me.
She sat me in her stylist chair and answered my questions, explained to me what I could expect and helped me try on some beautiful hair. I brought my daughter, Rachal and my best friend, Shelley for moral support and to help me pick out my new hair to be ready for the big day!
Did you know that if you are fortunate enough to have insurance you will need a prescription from your oncologist and the proper lingo is: a cranial prosthesis! Who Knew?

Day 13 came and a few more than normal fell out, then about 7-10 every time I touched my hair, then a handful. I was horrified by the thought of washing it- because what if it all came out? I called by dear friend and hairdresser and she said come in, it was 9:00 pm(on a Friday night) she gave me a darling pixie cut and I felt a little relief...until the next day.
It was my best friend's son's wedding and my hair was falling out FAST. I decided this was going to be my big day as well. I thought, if I could put my new hair on in front of 500 + people and look normal it will be ok. Well, I did and it was. Most of my people had no Idea it wasn't "mine". I often say, a bad hair day is way better than a no hair day.

I am truly not a vane person, but you just never know what means the most to some people or what matters to them no matter how big or how small. Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most - like hair.

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