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In the true spirit of paying-it-forward, we have learned at Project Pink'd that sharing our stories provides hope for so many.  Many who have experienced cancer and the journey through treatment and survivor ship emerge with an amazing story to tell.  Writing down your story and sharing it with others not only helps make the journey a little easier for others facing a diagnosis, but can also be very healing for the author.  

Writing about what you have been through and sharing it with others will not just strengthen the survivor, but will help strengthen their family, and ultimately our community. We invite you to take that bold step and share your story.  

Need help on what to say? Consider one of these conversation starters.

What advice would you give to someone else who just received a diagnosis?

How has having breast cancer changed your outlook?

What gives you strength during treatment?

What support have you found especially helpful?

What can co-survivors do to help?

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