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Reignite the passion and intimacy in your life.  

Project Pink’d introduces a conference diving into intimacy after breast cancer diagnosis. Intimacy is a connection in the areas of emotional, physical and sexual health. As many survivors know, changes after treatment can bring on feelings of isolation and anxiety while trying to form new healthy connections to your sexual self.  

Does this sound like you? Then join us in a safe space to hear local and nationally known speakers discuss and share resources to help you along this journey. You’re not alone. Be vulnerable with other thrivers finding their way to a new normal.  

• Acknowledge ways your body has changed and discover ways to help it reconnect.  

• Explore ways to communicate with your partner about your fears.  

• Learn how to communicate with your providers, family and partner about your needs. 

Intimacy is an important component of who we are. Sexual intimacy is already complex in our society, add breast cancer, now it’s more complicated or nonexistent for some. Project Pink’d wants you to feel empowered, educated and inspired in redefining your intimate self.   

It’s time to take your passion back. It’s time to take your intimacy back. It’s time to take YOU back. 

If you weren't able to join us please watch the below clip or visit our YouTube channel to view the keynote from Jordan Rullo, PhD.

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