Pink'd Renewal

The Pink’d Renewal Program reminds women and men they are more than a survivor. They can choose to thrive and live their best life. We provide assistance to survivors focusing on emotional and physical well-being, such as:

  • Counseling sessions
  • Wellness Programs
    • The Chef's Table: Nutrition & Healthy Cooking 
    • Love & Light Yoga Series
    • Managing Lymphedema Program
    • Care to Share Thanksgiving 
  • Pink'd Dare to Thrive Renewal Retreat 
  • Survivor Outreach
    • Jars of Hope
    • Pink'd Angel Network
    • One-On-One Peer Network Support


"A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is a long journey. Project Pink'd and this retreat is the bridge I needed to get to the other side where the path leads toward joy and thriving in my life after breast cancer."-Michelle, Renewal Retreat Participant

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